Cake Fight!
Mess lovers are going to love this super special update with a dozen incredibly hot Eurobabes going at in a totally insane cake fight! It all starts with an angry chef (Christina Lee) getting back at a bitchy customer by dumping some cream all over her, and from there it explodes into total wet and messy mayhem. Just check out the babes and the clothes getting damaged: There's Vendetta in her Versace silk blouse, Billy Raise in a Dolce and Gabbana silk blouse, Rebeca dolled up in a Fendi fur jacket, Miss Skinny rockin' some tight GBN satin pants, Nela in a Prada skirt, Misa looking fine in some Amazone satin pants, and a whole lot more high-class Eurobabe attire that gets totally smashed up with cake! It's just not right, but at the same time it totally is!! Nobody goes as far with mess massacres as!

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